Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tripping for the First Time.

Going on a big trip is intimidating. Almost any time I travel to a new place I get stressed. It's part of the experience. At first it used to annoy me, but then I started to realize how it is okay to be stressed. It's just our body's way of coping with the unexpected. For me, traveling has always been a thing, my family would take trips across the country to New Your every single summer. Traveling in Europe. I’ve just always been accustomed to being in new places and having to deal with possibly difficult situations.

The first thing to know about traveling is that you need to be organized. You need to have your ‘ish’ together. Every trip is going to have it’s share of surprises and things you didn't expect. 
  1. You can’t control the variables.
  2. You can control your own variables.
Making sure you have a place to stay, money to spend, and things to do is something you are responsible for, and if you do everything right, you can save yourself a lot of unhappiness. Traveling Abroad is probably the most difficult, mainly just because the language and culture is quite different than out own. There are many online resources for planning a successful trip. Here are a few that I found particularly useful while in Europe:


Trains and Buses




For traveling in the United States, things are usually quite different and much less intimidating. Taking a car may be the norm, but you never know when a train or flight could be cheaper and/or faster.





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