Saturday, November 8, 2014

Figuring out Food.

Food. Man’s best friend. While traveling, food can be your best friend and your worst enemy, ranging from delicious gnocchi in Venice to some much regretted McDonald’s on the go. Food is a hassle regardless of where you are traveling. Where do we eat? What do we eat? When do we eat? How much should we spend? There are many questions that make such an enjoyable experience very overwhelming.

Order a water. One of the best ways to save money is to order a water as your beverage, in most restaurants the tap water is free, and while it may not be half as exciting as a cool, sophisticated glass of beer, it is much cheaper than said beer. Especially over a period of a couple days, this trick can add up pretty quick to a hefty amount. In addition, staying hydrated while on the go makes you feel better and can help you feel more satisfied after a meal.

Super-markets. Even though its totally not what you want to do, going to buy food at a supermarket is honestly the greatest way to save money. When I was on a ten day trip through Europe, me and 3 others bought enough food for all of us to eat for 2 days, for the amount it would cost just to eat one meal out at a restaurant. If you plan on doing any cooking, make sure you get the hotels or apartments that have a kitchen of some sort that includes kitchen supplies as well.

Find The Outskirts. If you are in a prime tourist area, like a hotel overlooking the eiffel tower, you are going to be spending a lot of money ion food. There is no way around it. That is why finding smaller cities or staying outside of the city center may be worth it because food will be much cheaper in those areas.

I will admit, when ever I am trying to decide on food, I find myself making decisions based on money more than anything else. Part of it is just way I think, the other part is that I usually don't have tons of money to spend. I will say there were a few times that I spent more money than I wanted to a restaurants, but it was totally worth it. I definitely encourage you to eat out a few times, especially if you haven't eaten the local food. The same goes for trying out local beers and wines, especially while traveling through Europe, a large part of why we go to Europe is to try the different selections of food and drink. So don't miss any opportunities by being to stingy with the pocketbook. Live a little.


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